Jeff's Sharpening & Supply Yellow Jacket sharpening Greenteeth Sharpening

New River/Sandvik Sharpeningl

12521 Warner St

Hudson, MI 49247

w/ purchase of 10 + shipping


Below is the procedure to send, pay for and receive back your shipment.

Send your teeth to be sharpened/re-tipped  to:

Jeff's Sharpening & Supply
12521 Warner St
Hudson, MI 49247

Upon arrival, shipment will be inspected for any possible damage and checked in within 24-48 hours and we will contact you to go over the order.

When the teeth are sharpened/re-tipped, we will contact you for final payment. (Money orders and checks accepted payable to Jeff's Sharpening & Supply.) 

Accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card

Once payment is received, the teeth will be sent back to the address given by you.

You receive your product and we thank you!!